Maternal Mental


While bringing a new life into the world most times brings joy and excitement, it can also come with it's challenges.  As new mothers, so many things can come in to play from adjusting to role transitions, post partum mood disorders, the need to "know everything" right away, and even changes in your romantic partnership and expectations in parenting together can bring up challenges that you weren't expecting.  This service provides support, psycho-education, and self-care to mothers finding themselves feeling alone, lost, and possible guilt about emotions they may be experiencing.

Services Offered:

  •  Weekly Sessions=

  • Biweekly Sessions

  • Monthly Sessions (Maintenance Only once goals are met or symptoms have decreased significantly)

  • These services will be decided by you and the therapist based on your needs and severity of symptoms.

Session Rate (Self-Pay only): $75-125 per 60 minute session. 

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